Thursday, October 11, 2007


They are getting desperate to stop his drainage.

Tomorrow, an out-of-hospital surgeon will come perform a procedure that has only been done 1 other time on a child. If that is successful, he will perform a second procedure that has never been done before on a child.

All in the hopes of stopping the drainage that is killing him milliliter by milliliter.

Let's hope it works.


1blueshi1 said...

so sorry. hope it works. with you in spirit.

katied said...

I'm sorry i'm so late reading this and offering whatever you need. I hope it went well; when there are breaks between posts, i worry, especially now. thoughts, prayers, crossed fingers, energy, vibes, hopes, ranting at god, all coming your way. if there's an address I can send you a big box of comforty things, please let me know what it is. scribblegurlATyahoo.


love you and face so much.


golfwidow said...

Sending you all the good vibes in my power.