Monday, July 30, 2007

Finally! She posts again. I know, you're relieved.

We found a house. We are settling on August 9th... maybe. Nothing can ever be easy, right?

I have a heart mom "support" group that I have been a member of for 2 years. I have sent plenty of supportive emails and answers to questions that I knew. So I asked a general question that usually sparks a huge response and I got... 1 reply. Sadly, it only serves to confirm my negative views about so-called Christians. And women.

We will never get anywhere if we continue to form cliques. The sole purpose of a clique is exclusion. But whatever, I was very upset for a day, then I got over it.

We had Face's 2nd birthday party. It seems impossible that he is two. Here's my favorite picture even though it's not actually from his birthday - it's from his friend's birthday the day before. This picture cracks me up. Keep in mind that I'm weird. And simple.

Here's a pic from his actual birthday. You cant see my horrendous fatness so therefore I will post it -

I will try to post in between moving, school, & surgery. But I make no promises and tell no lies.


1blueshi1 said...

Oh, I just love both of those! And the picture on the birthday cake too. We had one of those for Bookey's first birthday with her hospital baby pic on it and it said look how far you've come...that was a great cake. sorry your feelings were hurt at your group, and good luck with all that you have coming up!

kd said...

I don't think those group women deserve you, at this point. You're awesome and a helluva supportive person, and you deserved at least a reply to your problem. Stupid women. (feel at all better?)

I love both those pictures, too. :) Face freakin' cracks me up. :) He's so cute and totally dynamic. I hope his surgery goes well. I keep you in my vibes/wishes/hopes/prayers. Much, much love.


Croila said...

Hi, I just found your site through Fast Eddie's Bullet, and thought I'd leave a wee note to wish you all the very best in what's ahead. That's an absolutely beautiful little boy you have there, the wee soul's gorgeous. My thoughts are with him for his surgery and with you - hang in there. xx