Saturday, June 16, 2007


Can I just tell you that I'm learning this new language against my will. No one tells you that you have to learn a new language just to find a house.

I think I'm also smoking pot in my sleep. Not only do I have, like NO memory, but I'm becoming paranoid. And neurotic. Alright, so I was always neurotic, shut up.

My realtor is also my cousin and I guess we really haven't seen each other, except for the occasional family function, until last year. His wife was on bed rest so I visited a lot, brought groceries, tried to help out. I was kind of excited.

The downside to having a kid with problems is the isolation. Most of my so-called friends deserted. And forming new friendships is great all the way up until I tell them about Face. No one knows what to say, or how to act.

The friends I had left because they couldn't take my reality. I could say "Yeah, we were in the hospital last night. The baby has respiratory distress and well be here a few days." Then I'm ready to talk about your job or something I bought or whatever. But it's like they cant make that transition into sickness as a fact of life, they are horrified. So then I either have to modify everything I say or not talk. And what kind of friendship is that?

So I was really excited. I thought MB and I could be friends. I already like my cousin. They live close, they have kids. MB and I have some sort of bad luck - every day we plan something goes wrong.

My cousin, on the other hand, I don't know what the deal is. Every time I say something personal he doesn't respond. I thought maybe it was just him trying to separate work and play but I cant help noticing the difference.

I wrote him an email about a house I like and then told him MB was great (she had helped me with something) and Happy Father's Day, he was a great dad. Love, that girl & J. And he wrote back about something I have to give the mortgage company. Thanks, him. No personal remarks, nothing. It's weird.

Is it possible to smoke pot in your sleep without buying or owning any? I'm paranoid I tell ya.

At my son's graduation last night, a teacher was helping to direct people traffic and a gaggle of girls came walking up, gowns open, boobs barely hanging in to short little dresses, hooker shoes. I must be old because while I remember dressing like this senior year, isn't 13 a little young? I know, whatever dinosaur.

As the gaggle approached, all "Hey Mr. H" in that girly chorus he says "Girls didn't look like you guys in my day." One of the girls opened her robe the whole way and he said "Smokin!"

Is this appropriate? Someone answer me. I thought it completely and utterly inappropriate but none of the other adults around even raised an eyebrow and of course the girls all laughed.

I swear I'm losing it.

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katie d said...

Hmm. I suppose it depends on the relationship they have with him, but no, I don't think it's appropriate, and I *definitely* wouldn't if one of them was my kid. And TB would probably have him up against the wall in a choke hold (if one of them was his daughter). So no, I don't think that's appropriate. Nor is it for them to look like that at 13. I can't believe the messages we send kids these days, and people just shrug it off, like it doesn't contribute to the ever-growing incidence of disappearing children who later turn up raped and dead.

I'm sorry your friends can't hack the issues with Face. That sucks. Maybe they feel like losers telling you about their troubles with their crappy boss or a clogged sink at home when you're all "so, Face needs another open heart surgery; we were up all night while he bled out his ears." That does tend to humble a person. I've felt it myself, reading your blog and then whining on mine, I've thought "you know, SHE has a kid with a bad heart who struggles every day; how dare you whine about not liking your job - suck it up." But then I thought you know, I need to vent too, so I did anyway. I didn't feel like you judged me for my whininess, so it really is their problem. I'm just sorry it means you have no one. You can always talk to me; I have no other frame of reference for you anyway, so feel free. I'll email you my phone number. :)

But seriously, I'm sorry. :( And also that your cousin is such a freaking GUY. :(