Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hello Old Friends

I was forced to close my Diaryland blog due to overwhelming spamming. Diaryland was no help. They still haven't even answered my request for help.

Eventually, I guess I'm going to have to copy all my posts to keep or to put on this site. Sigh.

I really should call my blog It's On My List.

So for all you fans who wondered where I went (many are my legions). I went home. At the same time I was being spammed there was a big brouhaha at work. I allowed myself to be laid off, and now I'm home.

Of course, home just wouldn't be home without The Face. He was sick for 9 weeks. 9 weeks straight. 9 weeks in-and-out of the hospital. First, the dreaded RSV. That was 3 weeks. Then RSV (reprise in G minor), para influenza and an ear infection. All together. On the fourth day he was being treated for all 3 things, with breathing treatments every 4 hours and 27 doses of medicine 11 different times a day he woke up - with pink eye!

Seriously, are you kidding me?

Only my kid could be on a ton of antibiotics and steroids and still come down with pink eye.

By the way, one of the more fun things in life is to administer eye drops to a toddler. Right up there with bone marrow extraction.

In April, after months of telling me everything was under control, my parents finally asked for help cleaning out my grandparents house. I went there to find pretty much not a damn thing done. My grandmother, a QVC junkie hoarder, had more possessions than 17 people. Unopened boxes of appliances I didn't even know existed. ( An appliance that makes toast & eggs at the same time!!!)

My uncle proposed we pay the new owners to keep everything. He wasn't kidding. I guess I have a New England soul because I rebelled against giving away (paying for!) all of this stuff that could be sold for a profit. Of course, I have neither the time nor the ability right now to sell it. My uncle said - you have three weeks.

So three weeks of backbreaking, hauling, and moving later I sent a ton of stuff to the trash, a ton to Goodwill and another ton into my storage space. I found a painting that could be worth a lot of money. Funny how everyone cares about her stuff now that Ive done all the actual, like, work. On the bright side, Ive lost 10% of the weight I need to lose.

Now it's May and I gotta tell you - I was never cut out to be a stay-at-home mom. At least not for just one kid.

So Ive decided I have to make time to blog everyday to keep me from going slowly insane. Not that insane is a bad thing - you just need the right kind of insane.

Having a tic - bad
Making mud pie with your kids - good

In this, the stay at home phase, I am trying to find another child to watch. I'm also preparing to go to school in the fall. And maybe 1 summer course. And trying to get a grant to pay for school.

And dealing with medical bills, and a sick kid. And an 8th grade graduation party and a 2nd birthday party and losing 80 pounds and buying a house in July and looking through a million houses and starting to pack and oh yeah - did I mention Face is going to have his 4th open heart surgery sometime in the next 4 weeks?

Basically, I'm saying it's same old same hold here at Girl's house.

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1blueshi1 said...

I found you! I did email you a couple of times for the link to the new blog, but obviously from your entries you have been up to your eyeballs in Face's health issues.
Is there any chance you guys moved/are moving to the South? I live in Alabama.